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Pension and Insurance Reform

The Aries Group, in association with its affiliate company, PEDCA LLC, provides assistance to governments in reforming pension and insurance systems through:

  • Conducting base-line assessments of existing systems, including surveys of pension and provident funds and insurance companies; assessments of the prevailing regulatory environments and identification of legal/regulatory impediments to broader coverage and improved benefits; actuarial analyses of existing systems to determine economic soundness; and demographic analyses to determine the impact of population changes on the existing systems.

  • Formulating recommendations for reform, including options for private and public old age social and income security systems; conducting actuarial analyses of the proposed reform options; and soliciting feedback from relevant stakeholders through workshops and seminars.

  • Drafting revisions to existing pension and insurance legislation in accordance with proposed reforms.

  • Developing and implementing proposals to educate various regulated entities, such as pension funds, asset management companies, insurance companies, insurance brokers, and sales agents on the reform process and proposed laws and regulations.

  • Developing and implementing in-country and external training programs for asset management companies in the pension and insurance industries, as well as for representatives of regulatory authorities and government agencies.


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