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Banking Sector Reform

The consensus among experts places the blame for bank failures on the banking sector itself, including the lack of transparency; insufficient disclosure of financial information; the lack, or inadequacy, of oversight; inadequacy of legal and regulatory frameworks, especially with regard to monitoring and supervising banking activities; inappropriate lending practices; and poor performance in risk management.

The Aries Group, Ltd.


assisted banks and bank regulators in a number of emerging markets

to overcome these impediments. Technical assistance has been provided to central, commercial and development banks and has included:
  • Reviewing and drafting laws with a view to establishing independent regulatory authorities for conducting effective monetary policy and ensuring the soundness of the banking system.

  • Assisting regulatory authorities in drafting regulations governing the operations of deposit-taking institutions as well as establishing procedures for off-site supervision and on-site examination.

  • Conducting operational reviews and formulating restructuring options including advice on capitalization and ownership; disposition of distressed assets; strategic planning; lending policies and practices; organizational structure and staffing; as well as information technology.

  • Analyzing the general characteristics of the financial system, including the range of financial services, available instruments, and sources and uses of funds, as well as formulating comprehensive policies to increase the efficiency of the banking system in mobilizing financial resources.

  • Developing and conducting customized training programs and human resource development strategies.


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