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United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Support For Economic Growth and Institutional Reform - Financial Services (SEGIR-FS)
USAID IQC# PCE-I-00-99-00008-00

The Aries Group, Ltd. is currently a subcontractor to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu under the SEGIR-FS Indefinite Quantity Contract. Our services can be accessed through the Deloitte Consortium.

The Support for Economic Growth and Institutional Reform (SEGIR) Financial Services IQC provides an efficient contracting mechanism that combines direct hire and contracted technical resources to support USAID and the local Mission's economic growth activities. SEGIR's primary financial services components address key technical assistance needs of developing and transitional economies.

Our efforts focus on public and private financial intermediaries, institutions, capital markets and the transactional processes involved in financial intermediation. Synthesizing best practices from around the world, the SEGIR-FS IQC's goal is to disseminate concepts, ideas and solutions to assist USAID Missions in resolving financial sector development problems


The purpose of SEGIR-FS is to promote more efficient capital mobilization, allocation and intermediation of services to meet country economic growth strategy objectives through improved strategic planning, regulator policies, institutional reform and the creation and/or introduction of financial mechanisms and instruments and the provision of wide dissemination of relevant, updated information.


The goal of the Financial Services IQC is to provide an alternative contracting vehicle to help countries develop the policies, markets, financial instruments, and institutional linkages necessary for a well-functioning financial sector. Under the SEGIR Financial Services IQC, The Aries Group's services are available through the Deloitte Consortium. Deloitte Emerging Markets serves as a main contact point to access a consortium of highly qualified consultants with expertise in all different aspects of financial services.


SEGIR-FS aims to make available services to Government Ministries and USAID missions worldwide that are readily accessible by USAID for the following purposes:

  • Strengthen commercial banking systems, institutions and supporting infrastructures in developing countries
  • Support financial policy and regulatory reform
  • Restructure public and private banks
  • Develop an implement systems of prudential regulation and supervision of financial intermediaries
  • Develop and strengthen capital markets for equity and debt
  • Assess, examine and/or instigate fiscal and monetary policy reform
  • Develop and apply innovative financial instruments
  • Create linkages, electronically and otherwise, between the US financial community with cooperating country counterparts
  • Establish and/or encourage broad-based participation in formal financial sector institutions including capital markets, banking and credit systems
  • Support development of sustainable models of microfinance delivery in the context of development of a broad based financial market
  • Create and develop innovative models and mechanisms to link financial sector reforms to private delivery of services such as medical pension planconsultants with expertise in different financial areas.

By utilizing the SEGIR contracting mechanism for projects in the financial sector, the Government Ministries and USAID missions will be able to get quick and easy access to previously approved technical assistance. Utilizing this mechanism minimizes the timely administrative tasks required for the issuance of a formal request for proposal.

Accessing Our Services

Accessing our services is quite simple through the SEGIR Financial Services IQC mechanism. For an interested government agency, it would be best to contact the local USAID mission to begin the process. From there, the following steps will be taken:

  1. USAID mission/bureau prepares a scope of work (SOW) for a task order within the framework and scope of SEGIR Financial Services.
  2. The proposed SOW is submitted to the USAID Cognizant Technical Officer (CTO) in Washington.

    John B. Crihfield
    Economist, and Financial Sector Advisor
    U.S. Agency for International Development
    202-712-1288 (phone)
    202-216-3025 (fax)

    The CTO reviews the technical aspects of the work to insure it is with the scope of SEGIR Financial Services. The SOW is then forwarded to the appropriate Contracting Officer in the requesting mission or bureau who coordinates approval with the CTO. The CTO determines the procedures for obtaining bid responses from the prime contractors for the proposed task order.

  3. The Aries Group through the Deloitte Consortium will respond promptly to all requests for task orders and will be ready to provide services immediately upon issuance and approval of the task order.
  4. The Cognizant Mission/Bureau Contracting Officer negotiates/awards the IQC Task Order and subsequently notifies The Aries Group through Deloitte's SEGIR-FS Manager.


Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC) Experience

The Aries Group has been involved in USAID IQCs almost since their inception in 1984. The Aries Group was a contractor on USAID's Center for Privatization; one of USAID's first IQCs. Since the Center for Privatization, The Aries Group has held numerous IQC contracts as follows:

  • Privatization of Civilian and Defense Industries in the New Independent States of the Former Soviet Union (NIS-I). Aries held two subcontracts (Arthur Andersen Contract No. CCN-0005-C-00-3115-00; and CFED Contract No. CCN-005-C-00-3082-00)
  • Privatization and Economic Restructuring in Eastern Europe and the New Independent States of the Former Soviet Union (NIS-II).
    • Functional Activity A - Transactions Support (Arthur Andersen Contract No. EPE-0014-I-00-5057-00).
    • Functional Activity B - Financial Sector Restructuring (Arthur Andersen Contract No. EPE-0005-I-00-5053-00).
    • Functional Activity D - Capital and Financial Markets (Arthur Andersen Contract No. EPE-0005-I-00-5041-00).

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