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Capital Market Development

As part of more than 30 projects undertaken throughout Asia, the Middle East and the Americas, The Aries Group, Ltd. has assisted in building and strengthening

capital markets

through (1) development and restructuring of regulatory agencies and other related institutions (2) review and revision of securities laws and regulations, (3) formulation of policies toward foreign and domestic resource mobilization, and (4) implementation of human resource strategies for securities market professionals and regulators.

Our capital

market development

activities have included:

  • Establishing, strengthening and restructuring securities market institutions (such as regulatory agencies, stock exchanges, clearing and settlement organizations), intermediaries (such as investment banks, mutual funds, leasing companies, venture capital firms, brokerage houses), and activities (such as establishment of internal procedures and practices, development of appropriate organizational and staffing structures, formulation of strategic initiatives, and the design and implementation of customized management information systems).

  • Reviewing existing securities laws and recommending revisions to reduce fragmentation, strengthen the enforcement powers of regulatory institutions, and provide for future use of new financial instruments, including asset-backed securities.

  • Assisting regulatory institutions in drafting rules and regulations to cover all aspects of securities market operations, such as information disclosure, securities underwriting, brokerage activities, operations of mutual funds, margin trading, prudential safeguards, insider trading, etc.

  • Reviewing the self-regulatory framework for exchanges, and recommending measures for improvement.

  • Developing and conducting customized training programs and human resource development strategies for regulatory agencies, self-regulatory organizations, and market participants, including investment advisors and broker/dealers.


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